For the first time in Russia: bachelor degree in Culinary Arts Management
The first admission - September 2019
The creators of the project:
— The best educational institution of the world in the Hospitality, Foodservice and Culinary Arts management programs;
— 28 years of teaching and leadership experience in France and all over the world;
— Training students from more than 50 countries in the world;
— The graduates are holders of Michelin stars
— One of the best universities in Russia;
— 20 institutes and 3 branches;
— More than half of the students are non-residents and foreigners
— The founder of «Higher School Of Restaurant Management» - educational project for future leaders in Hospitality industry;
— Founder of 35 restaurants and gastronomic projects;
— A workplace for 2000 employees;
— Participant of international and federal educational programs
— One of the most famous chefs of the 20th century;
— "Chef of the Century" titleholder;
— Recipient of three Michelin stars;
— Founder of the INSTITUT PAUL BOCUSE, which trains business leaders of Culinary Arts management
Mission of the project
We are opening the Gastronomy school to revive the traditions of Russian gastronomy.
Our graduates will become the carriers and innovators of these traditions, cultural ambassadors and stars of world cuisine.
"The Gastronomy school by INSTITUT PAUL BOCUSE is a logical continuation of what we started two years ago by opening the Higher School of Restaurant Management. I am sure that the Gastronomy school will open up new horizons for us."
Vladimir Kolmakov
Acting rector of Siberian Federal University
About the program
Level of education: higher education
Apprenticeship: 4 years
Non - budgetary program
Qualification: bachelor's degree
Teaching method: full-time education
Admission: 50 students
International and Russian internships
2 diplomas: Russian state diploma and international diploma of the INSTITUT PAUL BOCUSE
Students from other cities are provided with comfortable accommodation in SFU dormitories
Russian and international restaurant chefs and corporate chefs
Restaurant practitioners
Top managers of successful companies
Professors and teachers with academic degrees
The first admission - September 2019
Practice and formats
50% of the time – practical classes, internships
From the 1st Year
In restaurants within Bellini Group company and other restaurant groups in Russia
From the 2nd Year
The best students get the internships in France
  • Master classes from leading experts in the restaurant business
  • Special events, exhibitions and food tastings
  • Master classes from leading experts in the restaurant business
  • Special events, exhibitions and food tastings
"The restaurant industry always feels the lack of skilled professionals. Chefs, who know how to manage the whole restaurant, the team, understand marketing and purchasing. We expect our graduates to have all the necessary knowledge"
Alexey Gorensky
The founder of Bellini Group
We design the interior of the Gastronomy school, following the concept of beauty and purity of space - "less is more", with an emphasis on gourmet cuisine.

Designers will combine Russian authenticity with French touches - ascetic Siberian nature and French sophistication.

The space of the School and restaurant inside the campus will have minimalist design and will be architectural, with simple understandable forms. Main colors are black, white and gray.

Construction work will begin in April 2019.
Svobodny pr., 82 building 11
Gastronomic restaurant in campus
Students from other cities
Comfortable accommodation in student dormitories of Siberian Federal University, located 10 minutes walk from the classrooms. More information about dormitories can be found on the SFU website
Dormitories addresses:
- №20 Svobodny pr, 76А, 76Г
- №22 Svobodny pr, 76Д
- №25 Svobodny pr, 76Ж
- №26 Svobodny pr, 76И
- №27 Svobodny pr, 76К
Classes for theoretical subjects
Part of the classes will be held in the new classes of the Higher School of Restaurant Management
Lida Prushinskaya street, 2
Our graduates. Who are they?
Following the philosophy of monsieur Paul Bocuse, the founder of the INSTITUT PAUL BOCUSE, chefs must be experienced entrepreneurs, know how to manage the kitchen at all levels - cook, select and purchase products, manage staff and be involved in restaurant marketing
Experienced right after graduation
Students will be ready for employment within the industry once they graduate due to all practical experience and knowledge gained during the studies in the Gastronomy School by INSTITUT PAUL BOCUSE. That is what the industry requires
Star chefs
The graduates of INSTITUT PAUL BOCUSE — holders of Michelin stars.
— 33% of INSTITUT PAUL BOCUSE graduates successfully open their own restaurants within 5 years after graduation*
— 100% of graduates find a job within 3 months after graduation*
Gastronomy school by INSTITUT PAUL BOCUSE allows students to build their own and earn money from the first year of study

Work on the best kitchens in HoReCa sphere
Open a restaurant
Continue to grow and work in Russia and abroad
Job market
The chef's salary in Russia can start from 80,000 rubles, in Europe from 3,500 euros per month *
* according to and
High demand for graduates in the labor market.
During 14 years of work Bellini Group has never stopped searching for qualified specialists. Many other restaurant companies face the same challenge
Regular internship in restaurants is a major competitive advantage of the Gastronomy school graduates when applying for a job over other candidates
Entry conditions
38.03.02 Management
Applied Bachelor degree
Gastronomy school by INSTITUT PAUL BOCUSE
(Institut of Gastronomy Siberian Federal University)
Entrance exams
Social Studies - 45
Russian language - 45
Mathematics - 38
The support program for talented students of the Siberian Federal University
Valid for applicants, whose average exams score is above 70

210 points in total for 3 exams = 40% discount

The discount applies to the entire period of study if the student does not receive a "satisfactory" and (or) "unsatisfactory" grade as a result of the semester exams and does not have any academic debts.

More detailed information can be found on the website
Sign up for a tour in Bellini Group (Krasnoyarsk)
or to the restaurants of Denis Ivanov (Novosibirsk)
Meet chefs, take a look at real restaurant life
Dmitry Levitskiy
President of ReAl (Restaurant Alliance)
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